Moulding silicones

Moulding silicones

Two component RTV silicones for making moulds.  

Suitable to make the following moulds for example:

* Soap mould
* Candle mould

* Concrete/plaster mould
* Moulds for epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and other resins
* Jewellery moulds
* Chocolate and candy moulds
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Food grade moulding silicone 20ShA 1kg

Silikoon 20 ShA läbipaistev  FDA kinnitusega,(sobib kokkupuutesse toiduga)


SKU: Food grade moulding silicone 20ShA 1kg ,   Qty: In Stock
28,80 €
Industrial moulding silicone 37ShA 1kg

RTV silikoon vormide valmistamiseks     37ShA


SKU: industrial moulding silicone 37ShA 1kg ,   Qty: In Stock
22,80 €
Mould release

Eraldusaine (release-agent) silikoon vormidele.

SKU: mould release ,   Qty: In Stock
24,00 €