12K Twill 650g/m² carbon fiber not powdered 1m²

SKU: 12K Twill 650g/m² carbon fiber fabric not powdered 1m²
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26,76 €

12K twill 650g/m² carbon fiber fabric. Made from TORAYCA™ T700SC polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers and veawed into fabric by SGL GROUP.

This fabric has good mechanical properties - this is the strongest fiber in carbon fiber world.

It has low fabric density and low thermal expansion.

This fabric is easy to mould complex details with and is cost-effective for producing thicker products.

This fabric not covered with glue.

The number of fibers in a single yarn is 12000 (12K).

The veawe pattern is twill.

The weight of the fabric is 650g/m².

The thickness of the fabric is ~0,65mm.

The with of the fabric is 1250mm.

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