Industrial moulding silicone 37ShA 1kg

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Soft 2-part elastic silicone for making molds.

Works well for different pourable materials like polyurethanes, gypsum, soap, candle wax and concrete. Not suitable for chocolate, ice or other food molds.

Silicone rubber has a non-stick surface so it is easy to get the details out of the mold. Since the material is elastic it is possible to produce details that are not possible to make with stiff molds.

Material color: blue
Tensile strength: 4,8MPa
Elongation at break: 350%
Hardness: 37ShA
Temperature tolerance: from -50℃ up to +200℃
Viscosity: 37000 mPa.s

Mix 100g part A with 5g part B
Pot life: ~1h
Curing time: ~24h (23℃ & 65% humidity)

Use a release agent for 2-part molds. This will avoid the silicone from sticking to itself. It also helps to de-mold parts and prolongs the life of the mold.

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