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High Strength Glass Fibre Sheet is manufactured using 100% glass fibre reinforcement and epoxy resin matrix, cured under pressure at elevated temperature to produce a glass fibre sheet with engineering-grade mechanical properties and a glossy class-A surface finish both sides. 

The sheet has a plain woven glass fibre appearance with a pin-hole free high gloss finish. Made by Erismet OÜ in Estonia, Europe 

The matrix used is a high-performance epoxy resin which offers excellent mechanicals, clarity. The high-temperature cure maximises the mechanical strength properties and results in a Tg (glass transition) of 80°C.



Select size and thickness from the drop-down menu

Sheets are cut by saw machine and have a nice straight edge, but there is a 1-5 mm tolerance due to manual measurement. 


  • Good flatness

  • High gloss finish on both sides

  • High strength

  • Pin-hole free surface finish

To achieve maximum stability and flatness in the sheets, we use balanced laminates for all sheet thicknesses. This means that the fibre type, weight and weave is symmetrical from the front to the back ply. All our raw materials come from well-known producers.

Even though Erismet glass fibre is made into the highest quality, it is competitively priced, making it cost effective and affordable to you.




Whether you're making your own drone frames, car chassis, robot or any other custom designs that require high strength, lightweight material, these quality glass fibre sheets are more than up to the task.



  • Aerospace

  • UAV drone

  • Motorsport

  • Sport

  • Metrology Equipment

  • R/C equipment

  • Marine

  • Industrial



  • Knife

  • Business cards

  • Jewellery  

Manufacturing Process


These sheets are made in-house with our specially designed RTM press machines.

By manufacturing in-house we can supply the highest quality RTM glass fibre sheet available at the best possible price, a combination that has won us supplying contracts with many well-known companies (UAV makers, marine, sports)


For bigger order


If you are working on a bigger project and looking for a reliable supplier of engineering quality glass fibre sheet please contact us to discuss your requirements or arrange to see some samples.

Our production facilities mean we can manufacture glass fibre or other fibre composite sheet to just about any specification:

  • Custom thickness

  • Custom size

  • Custom fibre layup

  • Custom detail cutting with CNC milling machine

  • Competitive volume pricing


When cutting please protect your lungs by using an appropriate protective mask.


Contact us If you have any question or suggestions, please contact us. We can also cut your sheet to the desired shape if needed.

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