Scigrip adhesive experiment

Scigrip adhesive experiment team tested our new adhesive that is now available in internet shop.

Adhesives are made in UK by company named Scigrip. This name, Scigrip has a meaning. SCI= Science and Grip= holding (what adhesives must have to do). Right now Scigrip is leader company in MMA adhesives. MMA means methylmethacrylate. MMAs are always 2 component liquid that cures to solid or flexible adhesives with various times. Solidness or flexibility and curing time depends on product.


We made several experiments, with different materials. We bonded steel, aluminum and carbon fiber pieces. After that we tried to break these joints with our Scania crane.

We lifted different concrete blocks weight from 600kg up to 3200kg. Even with so heavy weight it was really hard to break some bondings. Its really impressive to see D35mm steel bondings to hold 2000kg weight without breaking.


Test pieces:

D35mm steel to D35mm steel Breaks at 3200kg

D50mm steel to D60mm steel Holds 3200kg without no problem

Aluminium strip 140mm x 30mm to Aluminium strip 140mm x 30mm by side with adhesive length about 70mm x 30mm breaks at 2000kg. But only the metal himself, not bonding.

Carbon strip to carbon strip side by side holds 2000kg. Carbon did not break and adhesive also. Only problem was with weak fasteners. They got distorted.

Steel plate to steel plate with edges area 150x10mm Holds 3200kg without any problem.